For Safety & Stand Out Appeal, Rely On Our Luxury Gift Rigid Box, Corporate Gift Box, Jewellery Gift Box, Magnet Foldable Rigid Box, Imitation Jewellery Rigid Box, Wedding Gift Rigid Box, Floral Print Rigid Box, etc.

Who We Are-Our Story

Packaging with eye catching appeal and innovative structural design reflects luxury, prestige, elegance and quality. Such type of packaging perfectly fits for jewellery, electronics, cosmetics and more purposes. When the quality of packaging boxes is good, consumers even rely on them for long time after the purchase. Thus, we, Sandstone International are committed to maintaining easy opportunities for companies as well as individuals to avail the appropriate packaging rigid boxes for the enhanced promotion of their brands and products. By working as a manufacturer and exporter, the range which we bring forth for our customers is encompassing Luxury Gift Rigid Box, Imitation Jewellery Rigid Box, Magnet Foldable Rigid Box, Floral Print Rigid Box, Wedding Gift Rigid Box and other items.

From day one, we are fluently providing the most value for money standard as well as custom solutions to companies & individuals in gold/diamonds, perfumes, chocolates, distilleries, cosmetic products and many more areas.

Remarkable Quality & Features

The items that we are introducing in the market including Wedding Gift Rigid Box, Magnet Foldable Rigid Box, Floral Print Rigid Box and others receive endless praise from the customers for their remarkable features such as innovative designs, superb finishing, attractive color combinations and precise dimensions. They are known for their high strength, durability, recyclable & luxury feel and safety of products. The primary factor is the material that we use for their development. In addition to this, we always keep a unique vision in mind to develop innovative designs & appeal of products that are beyond regular standards.

Team Work

We are glad to have talented, skillful and supportive professionals in our team who stand besides us like a strong backbone. Whatever be the situation, they always face the challenges with complete patience and sincerity by using their domain expertise. Also, they are very flexible in terms of accepting the new policies which our management keep implementing as per the market trends. The honesty with which they are doing their jobs can be easily seen in the quality of their work and favorable outcomes. Our workforce includes the following members:

  • Procurement agents
  • Designing & production experts
  • Sales & marketing professionals
  • Accountants
  • Packers & logistic agents
  • Quality checkers, etc.

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About Us

Team Work

In our team, we have 50 talented experts who uphold great expertise in their respective jobs of designing, manufacturing, marketing and more. All the team members at our firm work with absolute positivity, creativity and prolificity in order to pull out desired quality of results without any delays or compromise in the process. With their collaborative, customer oriented and well scheduled work approaches, they meet every single requirement of customers for Magnet Foldable Rigid Box, Floral Print Rigid Box, Wedding Gift Rigid Box and other products.

Brand Identity

We deeply understand how brand identity is built and maintained. Packaging plays a vital role in it and, it needs a special concern in order to enhance the selling point of a product. Experiencing the product and its packaging style is our ultimate strength through which, we help our customers in building a unique brand identity.

Business Partners

Over the years, we have earned the trust of customers from varied sectors and, formed long-lasting business relations with them. They proudly vouch for the excellent quality of solutions that we deliver to them. The list of our prestigious business partners extends with names like:

  • Designers Authentic
  • Hosoren
  • Design Sophia & Holden
  • Shopname
  • Retroband
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